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Top 7 Signs That Let You Know You Need to Replace Your Roof

The most common building work done on a roof in the US is a replacement. 90% of work conducted results in a change of the whole structure, but with regular maintenance, this does not always have to be the case. So do you know the signs when you need repair work done? If not, then we can are here to help. Read on as we discuss the signs you need repair to your roofing in Duncanville, TX.

1. Leaks

The most obvious sign that your roof needs repairing is visible leaks. While roofing in Duncanville, TX may not get constant rain, downpours can be harsh and easily penetrate a broken roof. If this water gets through, the inside of the home can become sodden and damp.

Go up to your attic after a downpour. Check for areas that have become wet on the attic floor. It may be possible to even spot light coming through the roof surface, pinpointing where the hole is.

Should your leaks be situated in one particular area, you may not even need a full roof replacement. Speak to an expert on roofing in Cedar Hill, TX and the surrounding areas for advice on how to fix it.

2. Water Damage

Not only spots in the attic can show your roof needs a repair. Signs can be present in the home that show major water damage. It is possible that they may be caused by other issues such as broken pipes or faucets, but the roof should be one of the first places to check.

Signs are characterized by streaks and stains. These will usually emanate from the ceiling and at the tops of the walls. Any discoloration that gets worse over time is probably down to water damage.

The real danger lies in what you can not see. If water has got between the space in the walls, then the damage could have been festering for a long time without you knowing. Hiring a professional roofing contractor in Duncanville will let you know where the water is coming from and where it has gone.

3. Damaged Shingles

Shingles are a very popular form of roof covering. They are lightweight, affordable, and durable. Yet if they start to deteriorate, it can cause a number of issues with your home.

Most of this damage can be seen from the ground. Look out for shingles that are cracked, damaged, or missing. One tell-tale sign is curling around the edges of the shingles themselves.

Moss and algae growth on the roof can also be a sign of damaged shingles. Damage around chimneys and skylights can also be a giveaway. Finally, missing granules from the shingles or debris in the gutters show they are weathering away and need replacement.

4. Mold, Mildew, and Algae

Once your warm home starts to let in water, it becomes a breeding ground for other organisms. These are namely mold, mildew, and algae.

Mold is easy to identify as it lets off an odor and has a dark coloration. It mostly occurs on surfaces that are able to absorb water. Very serious health issues can occur as a result, so need addressing immediately.

Mildew has the appearance of a powder and is found on wet surfaces. It is a sign of a roof that does not have the correct drainage. Like mold, it can be harmful to your health.

Algae thrive in damp, humid conditions. Black and green it is a plant-like organism. When left, it will eat away at the roof causing it to rot.

Before booking roofing contractors in Waxahachie, TX, check the rest of the house first. Make sure there are no major plumbing problems that could be the cause. When the room has condensation issues, you may need to keep it better ventilated.

5. A Sagging Roof

One other way to check the state of your roof is to look at the roofline. This should run straight along the whole edge of the roof. Any sagging or dipping in the line could indicate problems with the structure of the roof.

This could be a framing issue but is more likely to be a saturated roof deck. When water and shingle damage is present and the roof is leaking, immediate attention is required. When you don’t get roof repair in Arlington, TX to solve this then the structure could collapse.

6. Poor Energy Efficiency

The roof can account for up to 50% of air loss in your home. Be it the extra heat you need in winter or the cooling air-conditioned breeze of the summer, the idea is to keep it in the home. If not, your system works overtime using up more energy.

With prices on the rise, it pays to go green. Speak to roofing contractors in Mansfield, TX about your energy efficiency.

Perhaps it just needs better insulation, or they may spot areas for repair. In any instance, the money you pay will offset your energy bill in the long term.

7. Storm Damage

Storm damage manifests in many ways but is one of the most common causes of roof problems. High winds, heavy rain, and ice can really hammer your roof. If it was already in a state of disrepair, it can immediately get worse.

When high winds occur, they can tear shingles from rooftops. This leaves large holes in the surface. If rain accompanies it, then this can get in and cause a lot of damage.

Roofing in Duncanville, TX

Now you know the problems that may happen with your roof, get it checked over. An expert in roofing in Duncanville, TX will give you a full overview. This way, you will know what repairs need doing before problems take place.

Your first stop should be MLS Construction GC. We deal with commercial and residential roofing, providing quality work and excellent service. Contact us here to discuss your next project and see how we can safeguard your property.

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